How to use (or create) a gift card on Play Store

Google Play Gift cards are great gifts for anyone with an Android device. The gift card allows users to buy apps, games or other services without sharing their payment information with Google. It can also help one in managing a subscription to prevent an unwanted charge. There are several ways users can redeem gift cards … Read more

How to Update Google Play Store step by step

It is advisable to use the latest app version. Newer versions have more features and released bug fixes. Follow the steps below to update your Google Play Store app. Update Play Store Open the Google Play Store app. Click on your profile at the top right side of the screen. Click on Settings. Select About. … Read more

Open Play Store account: How to set the Account

Google Play Store is the ultimate destination for Android apps. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up or opening a Play Store account if you are new to the service. You will first need a Google account to open a Play Store account. Follow the steps below to create … Read more

How to make a refund (request) on Google Play Store

You can make a wrong transaction or rethink your item when purchasing on Google Play. In such cases, you can follow up with Google to request a refund depending on the refund policies. Follow the steps below to make a refund request depending on the scenario. Make a Refund Request via the Google Play Website … Read more

Log out on Play Store

There are several ways you can log out of the Google Play Store from your Android phone or your PC. You can follow the steps below to do so. Remove your Account on the Android Google Play Store does not give Android phone users an option to log out. The only way to achieve this … Read more

How to install APK Play Store on Android Phone

Many Android phones come with the Google Play Store app already installed. However, some can come without the app. Additionally, if you are using an older app model, you may want to stay ahead of the curve by downloading the latest Google Play Store app on your mobile device. Follow the steps below to do … Read more

iPhone: Download APK play store on iOS (step by step)

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Play Store on Chromebook: Download and install

Play Store is a service from Google that allows users to download apps to their devices. Though Google’s Chromebooks are lightweight devices, users can still download apps as they do on their devices. These Chrome devices run on Chrome OS another service from Google. Download Chromebook APK Many of these Chromebooks come with the Google … Read more

How to Change Country on Google Play Store

You may want to change your country if you move to a new one. Some apps on the Play Store have a country restriction, meaning you may be unable to access and download them until you adjust that setting. Your country setting determines the content you see on the apps. To change your country: You … Read more

How to Contact Customer Service on Play Store

Android users enjoy the benefits of the Google Play Store. They can use this digital paradise to browse shop and download apps among many other things. Understanding How the Play Store Works Before we look at the various ways users can get assistance on the Play Store, it’s important to understand how it works. Discovery … Read more