Install Chrome through Play Store on PC computer, Phones

With Chrome being the preferred browser of most Internet users, it’s very important to learn these easy steps in installing it through the Google Play Store on both your mobile device and computer.

Installing Google Chrome on Mobile Phones

  • Find the Google Play Store app on your Android device and launch it. From here, you can search for Google Chrome or click to find the app on the Google Play Store.
  • Choose “Install” and the download should start right away.
  • Download Google Chrome APK

  • You’ll be notified once the process is complete, and you’ll also find the app’s thumbnail on your main screen.Install-Chrome-through-Play-Store-on-Mobile-Phones

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Installing Google Chrome on Computers

  • Use your existing search engine to search for Google Play Store. Click here and log in using your Google Account to gain access to the apps that are available for download on the website. Installing-Google-Chrome-on-Computers
  • Once you’re in, search for Google Chrome on the Play Store and click Install to start the download process.
  • It only takes a few minutes to download Google Chrome and you can use it right away as one of your browsers.
  • If you prefer to use Google Chrome as your main browser, you can go to your main browser page, then go to “Settings” and choose “Search Engine.”
  • From here, you can choose “Google Chrome” and set it as your default browser.
  • By doing this, Google Chrome will be launched as your browser every time you want to use the web.

Download Google Chrome APK

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