Play Store Icon: What mean and how download it

The Google Play Store is a familiar sight for Android and many internet users. This icon its icon has evolved over the years however it retains most of its symbolism. Below is an in-depth discussion of the icon description and its meaning. We will also look at the history and transformation of the Play Store icon.

Icon Description: A multi-coloured triangular play button with a white background and rounded corners.

Google Play Store Icon Description


The latest Play Store icon retains the triangular play button. However, it features more vibrant and playful colours. The white background has rounded corners, giving it a softer and more approachable appearance. This design aligns with Google’s broader design philosophy, emphasizing simplicity, clarity, and accessibility.

This logo incorporates the official Google colors aligning them with Google Chrome and Google Drive logos. The icon’s rounded corners make the logo more proportional. Tian Lim, Google Play’s vice president says the logo is meant to reflect Google’s Magic during its 10th anniversary launch.

Icon’s Symbolism

The Play Store icon’s evolution reflects not only changes in design trends but also the evolution of the Android platform itself. From its early days as a platform primarily focused on apps to its expansion into a comprehensive digital content store, the icon has adapted to convey the platform’s core purpose effectively.

The play button symbolizes entertainment, highlighting the availability of games, music, movies, and more. The triangle shape gives a sense of motion and dynamism while inviting users to explore new content. The design colours reinforce a sense of excitement and fun.

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Evolution of Icon

Google introduced the Google Play Store in 2008. It was the official online market for downloading and managing apps on Android devices. At the time the icon was a simple shopping back with the Android robot peeking out.

2008 to 2012 logo


During this time the icon was a shopping bag with a green Android robot head sticking out. It represented a marketplace where users could browse and buy apps for their Android devices. It was during the early days when the platform was establishing itself.

2012 Google Play Store Logo

The logo during this time changed to a colourful triangular play button inside a white shopping bag. It was more modern and it was infused with a colourful design. The triangular play button was prominently displayed inside a white shopping bag, reflecting the store’s broader focus on multimedia content. This rebranding aimed to emphasize the diversity of digital content available on the platform.


2014 Logo

In this period it changed to a colorful triangular play button on a white background with a shadow effect. It added more depth while maintaining a shadow effect on the three-dimensional appearance. This design change was in line with Google’s broader efforts to make its apps and services feel more cohesive and visually appealing.


The history and evolution of the Google Play Store icon tell a story of adaptation and growth. From its humble beginnings as the Android Market to its current status as a vibrant and diverse digital content store, the icon has undergone several transformations to stay relevant and appealing to users.

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